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How Does It Work? Click the link above you will get a list of the files available for download. Download the ones you want to install. Run and click the file and follow the instructions. We have provided a video guide on how to install the software manually for your convenience. For a faster download, unzip the file at a convenient location on your PC and run the setup file. After the installation process is complete, you will be asked to restart your PC. Do so. Using the Software If you have installed Peatix PCID3V, you can now use it. Some of the features in Peatix will look different depending on which version of Peatix you have. You can refer to the screenshots below to help you determine which version of Peatix you have installed. The Peatix Installation Page If you have unzipped the file at a convenient location on your PC, you can now use the software. Using the software is easy. Peatix takes a lot of the guesswork out of searching for content on the internet. When you start up Peatix, it takes you through a set of options to help you locate content on the internet, get news feeds, social feeds and other things. You can then click on the ones that you want to browse through. Let’s browse through a random news feed. The news feed on Peatix Peatix will search through the internet for content you are interested in. You can be sure that it will also let you know that it’s doing so. As you can see, Peatix has a lot of content that you can enjoy. You can also browse through posts that were recently added or recent activity, depending on whether or not you have selected the correct option in the Peatix’s options. Peatix’s options, located in the upper-left hand corner of the software. The software will also let you know if you are connected to the internet or not, let you know if the laptop or PC is connected to a Wi-Fi network or not. Peatix’s Home Page The home page of the software has a lot of information and functionality to it. To add news feeds to your home page, click on the +Add News Feed option that appears in the upper

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